The Commoditiy Centre Group, Essex, use an Aisle Master Electric fleet to handle all the demanding conditions at their storage Facilities

The Commodity Centre Group handles over 200,000 tonnes of mainly dried fruits and agricultural commodities a year from all over the world at its HQ in Essex, which are destined for major supermarkets and repackaging plants. 14 incoming containers are emptied and 500 pallets moved on a daily basis, and seven Aisle Masters keep things on the move in this fast paced environment.

The fleet of 20WHE Aisle Master electric models was acquired in 2012 and has been deployed for pretty much every task in and around 180,000 square feet of warehousing with 20,000 pallet spaces, with each truck working for at least 12 hours a day. Once pallets have been offloaded they take them from the ground to the racking, lift into place – the 9m lift height coping easily with 1t pallets to the top beam of 7.5m – and pick again when needed to reload for despatch.

“Being on the go flat out during long shifts coupled with the uneven surfaces that we have in the yard make this a very tough job in relentless conditions, ” said Director of Operations Dr. Andrew Sage. “The other two articulated brands we used in the past tired very quickly under these harsh conditions – in some instances showing noticeable signs of strain on the steering after just 18 months. The continued longevity of the Aisle Masters after three years with only very minimal disruption is proving to be very impressive.”