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An economical and safe option for lifting and handling in tight spaces, Combilift’s range of pedestrian stackers is crammed with user-friendly features. With lift capacities up to 1,500 kg, the versatility to work indoors or out, our products can cater for anything from small storerooms to medium-sized warehouses and specialist applications.

They can handle standard pallets, long and awkward loads, and everything in between. Boasting Combilift’s award-winning, patented tiller technology, our stackers and pallet trucks are designed with operator vision, overall safety and efficiency in mind.

Equipped with our patented multi-position tiller arm the Combi-CS offers safer operation, maximum operator visibility and narrow aisle performance. SUPERIOR SAFETY WITH COMBILIFT’S PATENTED MULTI POSITION TILLER ARM The tiller can be turned to the left or right, allowing the operator to remain at the side, providing full visibility of the load and forks, while [...]

THE HIGH CAPACITY POWERED PALLET TRUCK THAT’S UP TO THE JOB Powerful, economical and thoughtfully-designed, Combilift’s Powered Pallet Truck is a highly versatile option, suitable for small to medium-sized warehouses and production facilities, with a lifting capacity up to 6,000 kg. CAPACITY 3,000 kg to 6,000 kg, and 8,000 kg SAFELY OPERATE IN THE NARROWEST [...]

THE AWARD WINNING PEDESTRIAN STACKER PACKED WITH INNOVATIVE FEATURES The Combi-WR is the first purpose built pedestrian reach stacker with the ability to operate in a VNA aisle of just 2.1m and with a lift capacity of 1,450kg. Its excellent ergonomics make it easy and stress free to operate. The unique patented multi-position tiller enables [...]