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The Combi-RT was designed specifically to meet the harsh demands of the poultry industry, but its impressive handling and robust construction make it a valuable workhorse for any agricultural business.

Large tyres on a three-wheel chassis with all-wheel traction and differential lock give the Combi-RT a compact turning circle and excellent grip on rough terrain, while a generous 300 mm ground clearance ensures minimal disturbance of litter. Ultra-smooth controls permit quieter, more refined handling for optimal livestock welfare.

Poultry & Agricultural Forklifts

COMBI-RT – 1,500 kg – 3,500 kg

Three wheel manoeuvrability plus tractor grip tyres and all-wheel traction with differential lock deliver impressive performance working indoors and out, even on rough terrain.  A small turning circle makes it easy to work inside sheds or enclosed yards and fully hydrostatic drive delivers power and precision as and when you need it.