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Safe, fast and easy to operate, Combilift’s new container loaders are cost-effective container loading solutions that can load a 40-foot container in as little as 6 minutes.

Loading a container is labour intensive. It takes too long and risk of injury to operators and damaged goods is significantly increased. It may take more than one forklift and multiple operators to load the goods inside the container.

The Combi-CSS was developed to significantly speed up the loading of containers by while increasing safety to operators and minimising damage to the product.

Loads weighing up to 30,000kg, are assembled on the platform outside the container and placed into the container.

The Combi-CSS or Container Slip-Sheet is specifically designed for fast loading of freight containers. It will allow you complete a full container load cycle in under 6 minutes. The Combi-CSS is a simple-to-operate, cost-effective container loading solution that is fast and safe, whether handling rough sawn timber, flat-packed furniture or panel products.